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One of the largest roll grinding machines ever installed in Italy starts operation.

R/152 – 7000 x 800 CNC

GIORIA is pleased to announce the handover for production of one of the largest roll grinder currently existing in Italy to San Gregorio Spa Fonderia Officina Meccanica in Samarate (VA).
This machine is aimed at grinding very large rolling mill rolls produced and machined completely at San Gregorio starting from the iron casting.

These are the main features of the machine

Wheel moving roll grinding machine model R/152 – 7000 x 800 CNC
Distance between centres: 7000 mm.
Maximum grinding diameter: 1600 mm.
Maximum weight admitted between centres on hydrostatic bearing: 30 ton.
Power of grinding wheel motor: 74 kW.
Size of the grinding wheel (diameter x thickness x bore): 1260 x 130 x 304,8 mm.
Machine overall weight: 60 ton.

Machine mayor equipment:
Radial/axial hydrostatic bearing of workhead spindle and tailstock quill.
Compound taper grinding system combining the controlled swivelling of the wheel carriage (B axis) and the supplementary longitudinal slide (Z2 axis)
Gap control through acoustic sensor
Grinding wheel automatic and dynamic balancing device
Touch probe for detection of part axial position

Controlled axes: Z1 axis wheel carriage longitudinal movement
X axis wheelhead slide cross infeed
B axis wheel carriage swivelling for taper grinding
Z2 axis additional slide for taper grinding in traverse mode
A axis tailstock longitudinal positioning along the table for part clamping
S1 axis workhead spindle rotation
S2 axis wheelhead spindle rotation

This new piece of equipment enriches the comprehensive machines listing of the San Gregorio roll shop where two other GIORIA roll grinders have been operating for many years to customer satisfaction.

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